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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Adoption Attorney

5 Questions for Your Adoption AttorneyWhen planning to go through an adoption, an adoption attorney can be a great asset to the process. An effective adoption attorney will be versed in Minnesota and national laws concerning things like private adoption, stepparent adoption, and relative adoption. Additionally, you will have a representative in court who is familiar with your case. An attorney will have the tools to help you through a successful adoption. Nonetheless, here are some good questions to bring up before hiring an adoption attorney.

1. How much are adoption attorney fees?

The attorney will be able to explain their hourly rates and retainer deposit with you. Depending on the type of adoption you are wishing to complete, there will be different circumstances and, therefore, different fees. The complexity of your case will also impact the overall cost.

2. Why did you get involved with adoption?

This is perhaps a sentimental question, but an important one. Out of all the areas of practice an attorney can delve into, adoption is one of the most fulfilling categories. Your adoption attorney should have compassion for all parties involved, while still being effective. It is vital that your adoption attorney is experienced in a variety of cases and is a “people person.” Adoption is a very emotional process and requires an empathetic attorney.

3. Who will be working on my case?

It is essential to know if you will only be working with your attorney directly or if other staff will be assisting with your case as well. Figure out what hours your adoption attorney is normally available and how they prefer to be contacted. If there are other staff members involved, determine how best to communicate with them. It is crucial to know whose responsibility is whose throughout the adoption process.

4. How many times have you dealt with adoption disruption or dissolutions?

Different states house different laws about how much time a birth mother and father have to back out of an adoption. Your adoption attorney should be knowledgeable in your state’s law. Moreover, make sure your lawyer is equipped to protect you legally if a disruption should occur.

5. Will I be directly interacting with the biological parent(s)?

Again, depending on the type of adoption (private, foster care, relative, and so on), your contact with the birth mother and/or father will differ. Minnesota prohibits adoption attorneys from matching children with potential adoptive parents. Adoptive parents work with licensed agencies to be matched with a child. Speaking with your lawyer about your options will give you peace of mind that no matter what happens, you are protected legally.

Adoption can become a messy and expensive ordeal if all legal matters are not tidy. Hiring an adoption attorney can save you money and a heartache in the long-run, while keeping you legally protected. An adoption attorney will guide you through the sensitive procedure of obtaining a lifelong love.

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